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Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips

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The thought of adding one more task to your daily beauty regimen seems crazy, I know. The most important thing you should be doing, however, isn’t adding anything more to your face but doing something when you’re down. Clean your makeup brushes ! It can seem like an annoying task, but it’s essential to your brushes and skin’s health. Your daily schedule may already appear maxed out, but this is something we can all squeeze in. It takes hardly any time and worth the benefits that come from it.

Regular cleaning will reduce the germs and bacteria that breed on brushes and prevent that from going onto your face. It also significantly helps increase the longevity of your brush by keeping your bristles in check. Sheena Joslin, Aesthetician and Nail Technician at ESSENTIALS MEDISPA emphasizes how crucial it is to keep your makeup brushes clean and how easy it is. She stresses that they should be cleaned after every use, and the longest you should ever wait is a month but doesn’t recommend waiting that long. “There is no such thing as too often.”

To clean your brushes, all you need is a simple brush cleaning spray. There are several out there. Glo-Minerals makes an amazing one; it’s formulated to help diminish bacteria and condition natural and synthetic brushes. Sheena says, “it’s as simple as spraying and gently wiping with a tissue or towel.” When the towel has no makeup residue left on it, it’s clean. When drying your makeup brushes after you spray them, it’s essential that you lay them down on their side to dry. Just place them on a clean towel. It can be tempting to toss them back into their holder upright but doing so will cause the water to stream down the bristles and sit stagnant inside the brush head, according to Sheena, this can cause bacterial or mold growth. Gross!When you need to get a deeper clean, Sheena recommends a gentle soap or shampoo, like Dawn. She encourages doing this once a month. All you have to do is wet the brush and lightly wash it with the soap until the water running off is clear. Then squeeze the water out and lay on its side with the bristles hanging over the sink for any excess water to drip out.

It’s vital to clean your makeup brushes regularly and keep them in a cool, dry place. You want to clean them daily but always be gentle. It’s also important you have a good brush too. Glo-Minerals makes a fantastic line of brushes with a wide range of options. They are perfect for applying and layering makeup with precision and ease. The Glo-Minerals brush collection and cleaner are available at the ESSENTIALS MEDISPA BOUTIQUE and gloskinbeauty.com.