Indulge, unwind, and discover a newfound sense of tranquility with our exclusive seasonal offerings.

NEW!  Passion Fruit Paradise

A Beach-Ready Body Buff

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating body buff beginning with a coconut mist, followed by an invigorating passion fruit scrub. Relax as your passion fruit journey continues with a nourishing body butter. Finally, complete your pampering session with a refreshing watermelon basil foot scrub and honey heel glaze for beautifully smooth and sandal-ready feet. This treatment will leave your body smelling fantastic and feeling incredibly soft, perfect for getting summer-ready.

NEW!  Tropical Oxygen Oasis

A Purifying Oxygen Facial

Awaken your skin with our effervescent oxygenating face masque that gently purifies and brightens your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and radiant. The oxygen therapy then infuses your skin with a burst of revitalizing oxygen, promoting a healthy glow from within. As you drift into blissful serenity, enjoy a light massage using our sumptuous passion fruit body butter, known for its hydrating and nourishing properties. Feel your tensions melt away as the tropical scent of passion fruit envelops you in a sensory escape.

Save on Cupping Therapy in June!

Save 20% on Cupping Therapy in the month of June!

Skin Detox Shot (Intramuscular Injection)

Glutathione & Vitamin C Benefits Include:

  • Combats the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Brightens the complexion.
  • Fights inflammation.
  • Improves immune function.

B-Complex Health Booster (Intramuscular Injection)

A Blend of B-Vitamins whose Benefits Include:

  • Increases Energy levels
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Promotes better Mood
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Anti-Stressor