A Chemical Peel is a simple, non-invasive way to improve the health, condition and appearance of your skin. At Essentials Medispa & Salon, a state-of-the art facility dedicated to cosmetic and wellness treatments, we offer our Central Florida patients the highest quality Chemical Peels available in the field today. Led by board-certified physician Dr. Michael Lesser, our facility serves residents of Brevard County and nearby areas in Central Florida.


What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment that helps to remove toxins from the skin’s pores and provides a deep cleansing for the skin, along with nutrients to help restore the skin’s moisture, smoothness, and surface luminance.

What Can I Expect After a Chemical Peel?

Most chemical peels may cause your outermost layer of skin to peel off, much as it would peel off following sunburn. This serves several purposes. First, it removes toxins, impurities, and surface imperfections contained in that outermost layer of skin, resulting in a cleaner, smoother, and more even skin texture. Secondly, the act of peeling triggers your body to increase its natural production of collagen, an essential skin-building element that nourishes and supports skin cells at the structural level. This provides added hydration and nourishment that makes skin cells healthier, plumper, and smoother, resulting in dramatic improvements to your skin’s natural tone and texture.

How long does a Chemical Peel last?

A chemical peel takes about 30 minutes for the aesthetician to complete the treatment. Chemical peels must be repeated frequently in order to maintain optimal results.

What Type of Peels Can I Choose From?

ZO 3-Step Peel

A clinical-grade, medium-depth peel that utilizes TCA, Beta Hydroxy acids, and high-percentage retinoids to reveal a fresher and more youthful complexion. Assists in smoothing lines and promotes clarity and even tone.

Image Wrinkle Lift Peel

A peel with an ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid combined with retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This peel is a good option for those looking to treat wrinkles, rough complexion, and uneven skin tone.

Image Acne Lift Peel

A blend of AHA’s and BHA’s with protective agents to effectively treat all grades of acne. This peel is a good option for those with Acne, oily, acne-prone, and aging skin.

Image Perfection Lift Peel

This concentrated blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol works synergistically to quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of advanced aging, pigmentation, and acne. This extra strength treatment reveals a younger you in a single treatment!

Image Lightening Lift Peel

Lactic acid is blended with kojic acid and a cocktail of brightening agents to reduce all forms of pigmentation.

Revive your skin’s natural glow with a chemical peel performed at Essentials Medispa & Salon in Melbourne, FL, where our expert team is dedicated to helping our patients in Brevard County and Central Florida look and feel their best. Under the medical direction of anti-aging physician Michael Lesser, MD, Essentials Medispa & Salon provides the highest quality chemical peels and cosmetic treatments for our patients. Contact our office today to schedule your first consultation!