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The Harmful Effects Of Using Expired Makeup

When talking about spring cleaning we usually think about cleaning out our cars and straightening our closets. How so much stuff ends up in the back of it, I’ll never understand. There’s a lot of things to focus on washing and organizing but, this is also the perfect opportunity to clean out your makeup bag. This is often overlooked and sometimes never done but, it’s essential to our health. We, women, like to hoard makeup. Let’s face it, we send away for every free sample, grab add-on gifts and use coupons on items we probably won’t use just because we have a coupon. We are also always trying to keep up with the latest trends and products. This leaves us with a plethora of makeup. It’s crucial to know that just like food, makeup can go bad and does expire.

It’s not that the color isn’t as vibrant as it once was or the coverage isn’t as good; it’s a much more severe issue. Expired make can cause an array of skin and health problems. Sheena Joslin is an Aesthetician and Nail Technician at ESSENTIALS MEDISPA, she stresses the importance of throwing away expired makeup. She says using expired makeup can lead to problems such as, skin irritation, eye infections, pink eye, staph infection, fungi infections, clogged pores, acne breakouts and can even cause you to lose eyelashes. Yikes! So how do we know when these products expire? Sheena says makeup products have an expiration date usually on the back bottom corner of the product. “you will find a picture of a small jar with a number inside of it, that number is how many months you have until it expires once the product has been opened.” Below are general timelines of when makeup generally expires, natural products may be less time because they use little to no preservatives.

  • Powdered shadows, blushes, and bronzers- 2years.
  • Cream shadows and blushes-12 months.
  • Oil-free foundation-18months.
  • Concealer-12-18 months.
  • Lipstick and liners-1year. (Unless you notice an odor sooner)
  • Lip gloss-18-24 months.
  • Liquid and gel eyeliner- 3months.
  • Mascara-3 months.

Aside from following this timeline another option Sheena notes is trying makeup that includes antimicrobial ingredients. They’re ingredients that protect against the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi. And viruses. “Keeping an eye out for these products are always a plus.” It’s also very beneficial to keep your makeup clean. Sheena says shadows and powders can be wiped down with a tissue after each use to remove the last layer that was used. Lip liners and eyeliner pencils can be sharpened to remove the previously used product. It’s also important to keep your makeup in a cool, dry place. Also, keep the makeup bag itself clean or replace it when you can no longer clean it. This will help prevent your hands from getting dirty before you are about to touch your face and eyes. Maybe you’ve been using expired makeup and didn’t realize it or dirty brushes. It would be a great idea to get a facial and get a deep cleanse to get any unwanted bacteria that may be there out.

Next time you get excited because you found your favorite lip gloss you haven’t seen in forever, check the date. Spending another ten dollars or trying a new shade is a lot better than ending up with a possible infection or an skin irritation. Your makeup’s status shouldn’t be overlooked. Keep your face and makeup clean with these helpful tips from ESSENTIALS.