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So Much More Than Weight Loss

What About Me?

When did weight loss programs become a thing? Well, if we look at history, I guess we can figure that out for ourselves. For generations people didn’t have weight loss programs because they didn’t need them. Living in the society of today everything is fast-paced, and we want results yesterday. We are stretched thin with our jobs, kids, social media, and all the responsibilities of being an adult. When did we lose sight of ourselves, and how did we fall so low on the totem pole of priorities? You probably make sure you meet deadlines at work, return emails promptly, and get your kids to their extracurricular activities on time, but here’s a question. How often do you show up for yourself? At Essentials MediSpa & Salon you will do that and so much more!

Medical Weight Loss in Melbourne, FL

So Many Options

The reality is that there are plenty of weight loss programs out there that can greatly restrict your calorie intake and, yeah, you’ll drop some weight quickly…but then what happens? Without learning the right way to eat, when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat your weight loss will more than likely not be sustainable. The truth is that since there are so many different diets out there and multiple weight loss programs, how are you to know with this generation of sensory overload which program is right for you? And let’s be honest, since consuming 500 calories per day is not a sustainable way of living and will more than likely make you feel lethargic and cranky. Consequently, many individuals easily revert to their previous habits thus gaining the weight back. This is so horrible for your internal organs and the elasticity of your skin. Your weight goes on a yo-yo frenzy that leaves you confused, upset, and overweight yet again.

Let’s Talk Sustainable Balance

What’s great about the medical weight loss program that we at Essentials MediSpa & Salon offer is that it is all about you. Our team of professionals want to educate you on the right way to eat and incorporate exercise for long-lasting results. To be fair, there’s probably a piece of pizza, serving of mashed potatoes, and slice of birthday cake somewhere in your future. Ok, so let’s learn the best ways to incorporate these foods instead of saying “sorry, I can’t eat that, I’m on a special diet.” These are some of the most hated string of words that could ever be spoken. Finding balance is a practice just like anything else, and you can find it here at Essentials. The more foods that are eliminated from your diet the more you will crave them, and more than likely binge. Making healthy changes for weight loss is an absolute necessity and adding exercise will make the process that much easier. Especially if your bestie calls you to go out for a cocktail and dinner. Unlike before, you will have the tools in your tool box that give you the freedom to gladly accept and not eliminate all your progress. With the medical weight loss program at Essentials MediSpa & Salon you will learn how to reduce your craving and portions, increase your energy, get weekly hands-on support, and results that LAST!