A is for Acne – All forms of vitamin A have a positive impact on acneic skin. As a capsule supplement, vitamin A serves as a potent antioxidant to minimize the free radicals that decrease the skin’s ability to regenerate and purge impurities that cause uneven tone and texture.

Vitamin A specifically improves acne conditions by reducing the production of excessive oil in the skin.

Its ability to dry up or decrease oil and sebum make it a valuable supplement and topical for acne sufferers.

While using vitamin A in its most natural form is the first step in treating a skin condition, it has its limitations in the correction and elimination of severe acne.

Vitamin A derivatives promote the drainage of existing comedones, prevent the development of microcom­edones and help with the formation of tiny blood vessels and increased collagen production. This improves the overall appearance of acneic skin and reduces the aggressi­veness of scar tissue.

In esthetics, the two most common forms of vitamin A are retinol and retinald­ehyde, both of which impact overall acne problems quite well.

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