1. Skipping Sunblock – Sun block prevents the premature aging of the skin. To us, the most important piece of your skin care regimen
  2. Sleeping with your Make-up On – This is one of the main reasons for breakout, not properly washing all makeup off before bed.
  3. Neglecting the Neck and Décolleté – This is an extension of your face and an area that is often forgotten. This area needs to be treated just as the face is treated, with treatments and skincare products.
  4. Caking on the Make-up – Your skin needs to breathe. Peels and laser can help to even the skin tone which saves you from having to pile on makeup for coverage. Lightly apply your foundation and use concealer with a small brush to spot treat small areas you wish to hide.
  5. Not Switching up your Skincare – Ever wonder why the moisturizer you’ve been using since high school isn’t working its magic like it once did? Probably because your skin either has become immune to its effects or needs different levels of moisture and nourishment as you age. Just like you do your wardrobe, you should be tweaking your skincare lineup every four months or so to work with the changing climate and keep the skin reactive to and stimulated by ingredients. Now, these changes don’t need to be major—it could be a matter of swapping in a slightly thicker moisturizer for winter or a mattifying BB cream in the summer.
  6. Not Getting Enough Sleep- Puffy under eye is not ones favorite and can sometimes be caused by not getting enough sleep. Try to get at least  8 hours of sleep per night. Studies show a dark room and setting your thermostat at a cooler temperature helps induce deep sleep. A little known fact, a banana or a piece of turkey holds enough tryptophan to help gently guide you to sleep.
  7. Drinking water- Most people are not getting enough water in their daily diet. Drinking water plays a huge role in keeping your largest organ, your skin, hydrated. Hydrated skin looks more plump, smooth and soft. A guideline is a good 8 glasses a day.

(partial zoereport.com)