Why Choose Sculptra Over a HA Filler

Sculptra is a stimulatory injectable filler composed of poly-L-lactic acid. It is biocompatible, meaning it is not harmful to the surrounding living tissue. It works by way of neocollagenesis, or stimulation of the body to produce its own collagen at the site of injection. Neocollagenesis triggers the targeted area to firm, tighten, lift and smooth the overlying skin. This is beneficial in areas of depressed skin caused by facial lipoatrophy (fat loss). This includes skin creases, wrinkles, folds, scars, and overall aging.

The injection itself is biodegradable and is absorbed by the body within one week. It is the response it creates that leads to the volume increase. The poly-L-lactic acid causes a localized inflammatory reaction, causing fibroblasts to infiltrate the area, encapsulating the injected implant with thin-walled collagen. The poly-L-lactic acid, itself, degrades into lactic acid leaving behind residual crystals. Over time, the crystals lead to collagen production causing the formation of fibrous connective tissue around the implant (fibroplasia) and thus a gradual thickening of the dermis.

This differs from other injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, which cannot stimulate fibroblasts but instead stretches the existing collagen fibers through displacement of the area, leading to a short-term fix. Though the volume increase in Sculptra may take anywhere from three to six months to develop, the results persist upwards of two years. For this reason, Sculptra should be considered one of the first options for cosmetic rejuvenation.

Elizabeth Sippey PA-Resident
Essentials Medispa & Salon

The Verdict on Botox

It is not infrequently that I hear the comment, “I’m not vain’ or “I want to grow old gracefully,” or “at my age, what does it matter? What is implied in all these comments? Is there a commonality amongst them? Should we not care about how our faces decline as they age? Don’t we have a choice besides watching our looks transform and do nothing, of course, we do! Science and medicine have improved our lives in so many ways, this is just another way of remaining well.

First, instead of answering these questions directly, I might ask a woman patient about the beautiful clothing they were wearing, or maybe I would compliment them on their hairstyle or how perfectly polished their nails are. With a man maybe comment on the level of fitness, head of hair or his nice watch. My question is, are these measures vain? Is it a character flaw, wanting to present oneself in the best light? Is it “not okay” to wear nice clothes or to pamper ourselves?

Folks will spend hours and hours at the gym reshaping their bodies, buy great gym clothes and the best supplements. Hire top trainers and fitness and diet coaches. They spend thousands of dollars on lotions and potions and over the counter anti-aging “medicines” and herbs. Runners buy shoes and pedometers and join health clubs. The quest for the beautiful body of our dreams seems to be widely accepted without question. So, why is the advanced, safe and proven treatments in medical aesthetics somehow vain?

Well, the fact is that self-improvement and investing in medical aesthetics has been found to build self-esteem and confidence. Medical aesthetics has proven to be reliable, safe and much more affordable than ever. Some studies show that an attractive face, scores higher on attraction models than those of the body, especially as we age.

There is nothing else that can halt the progression of the aging face. No cream can counteract the effect of facial volume loss. Rhytids (wrinkles) are inevitable unless the muscles are relaxed, long term Retin-A or skin resurfacing device is used. The advancement of this specialty over the last decade has been amazing. The melding of long-term corrections for the aging face and regenerative medicine holds great promise. We are living longer, and it is just logical that we want to look as good as we feel. No one says “I have a migraine but I want to tolerate it gracefully, we take the Excedrin”!

I recall a patient explicitly saying, “I have earned every wrinkle on my 60-year-old face.” I say, “That may be true, but what about the grey hair on your head”? (as blonde highlighted auburn locks shine, ( from afternoon re-coloring), the twinkle in my eyes evident to her, she laughs out loud!

I rest my case.

Best of health,

Brian Whaley ARNP-BC
Rejuvenation Director

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Stem Cells and Aging

Essentials Medispa strives to be a destination for wellness in Viera Florida. Brian Whaley ARNP -BC has brought his expertise in Regenerative medicine to our community with the latest safest, and most useful stem cells therapies from FDA approved sources. Today we discuss aging, and the role stem cells play in aging.

Frailty as a consequence of aging is a significant health concern. Today rather than being an inevitable outcome in the elderly, frailty has been pre-supposed as a medical condition. Frailty is defined as a clinical syndrome with three or more of the following criteria: Unintended weight loss, self-reported exhaustion, weakness, slow walking speed, low physical activity and loss of muscle mass.

One cause for frailty is the decrease in the number and robustness of these cells, each person has a finite number. Like a bank account we withdraw as we need, and as in real life some are born rich, and some are born poor. In this regard, you may know someone who is 80 and looks 60 or maybe even vise versa. The lifestyle and endowment both impact our longevity and youthfulness.

The fountain of youth seems to already be in us, but we use it up or by hard lifestyles overuse them, in any case, once the degeneration vs. regeneration ratio is inverse we spiral into frailty unless supplemented or rehabilitated. The aging stem cells we carry slow down as well, they do not divide quickly and are merely aging along with us. Once nearly depleted the only choice is a fresh supply. It is posited that most over 50 are on the way to frailty. The MSCs we obtain here at Essentials Medispa are of the highest quality, youngest and most potent available.

In the placenta the new MSCs will divide every 24 hours, by age 35 division is every 48 hours and at 65 years every 60 hours division. That equates to a 30 day tally of 1 billion, 32,000 or 200 cells available respectively to each age. It is clear that these “Baby” stem cells are far far superior. This new supply is abundant in the secretion of trophic factors and demonstrated an effect on anti-inflammatory processes.

Current studies at The University of Miami has shown that patients treated with MSCs are able to return to more independent lifestyles and activities of daily living. In the younger frailty group increase in muscle mass and strength was demonstrated and overall feeling of wellbeing, with renewed interest in social activities, exercise, and increased libido.

The use in athletes for recovery has also made strides in this approach to healing, but that will be in the next installment. I am Brian Whaley, and I am available for a free consultation here at Essentials Medispa located here in Viera Florida.

Best of health,
Brian Whaley, ARNP-BC
Rejuvenation Director

How Can I Slow or Reverse the Effects of Aging?

They say aging is inevitable, but no one says it has to be noticeable.  Every day we live ages us, but how can we slow down the effects on our bodies? Social media shows retouched images of supermodels and photos which use filters to defy the natural consequences of aging. Mainstream media promotes expensive procedures that are not available to the average American.  Isn’t there something that can be done that is affordable and available to all?

The simple answer is “yes a healthy lifestyle can slow aging, but stopping the progression will require professional intervention.” 

Does Water Improve the Appearance of Aging Skin?  

The skin is about 30 percent water, but there is little evidence indicating that drinking more water every day (such as 8 to 10 glasses) will flush toxins from the skin and generate a “glowing complexion,” as is widely touted in the beauty industry.  Adequate skin hydration won’t prevent wrinkles or other signs of aging related to genetics, but it will assist in keeping skin supple and reduce dryness.  (1) 

Can Supplementation Slow Down the Effects of Aging?

Free radicals are the leading culprit in accelerating the appearance of aging.  Dermatologist say “The best prevention strategy against the harmful action of free radicals is a well-regulated lifestyle, with low-stress conditions and a balanced nutritional diet, including anti-oxidative rich food.” (2) The standard American diet often falls short in supplying the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to combat free radicals effectively.  Supplements to consider in your fight for a youthful appearance are Vitamins C, D, E as well as Carotenoids which are derivates of Vitamin A.  Polyphenols, Coenzyme Q10 (known as CoQ10), Essential fatty acids, some proteins, and lactobacilli have also been referred to as “agents capable of promoting skin health and beauty.” (2) 

How Does Poor Sleep Accelerate Premature Skin Aging? 

“Our study is the first to conclusively demonstrate that inadequate sleep is correlated with reduced skin health and accelerates skin aging. Sleep deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in their skin’s ability to recover after sun exposure,” says Dr. Elma Baron. (3)  Research shows poor sleep manifests itself through fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. Studies also show that those who enjoyed quality sleep were more quick to recover from stressors to the skin such as sun and environmental toxins. “This research shows for the first time, that poor sleep quality can accelerate signs of skin aging and weaken the skin’s ability to repair itself at night,” said Dr. Daniel Yarosh. (3) 

Can Facials Help Diminish Aging? 

Yes, facials can make a big difference in skin tone and appearance.  The licensed staff at Essentials Medispa & Salon can “renew and invigorate your skin by providing deep cleansing and delivering essential nutrients to thirsty skin cells.”  Regular facial treatments condition, restore moisture, and increase elasticity to leave you with a healthy, supple, radiant glow.

What About Using Injectables and Dermal Fillers? 

Injectables and dermal fillers are incredibly useful in addressing many issues of aging skin. Whether it’s fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin or thin, brittle skin, dermal fillers can make a significant difference.  Essentials Medispa & Salon is a state-of-the-art cosmetic center that offers multiple fillers that address many signs and issues of aging.

What Other Options Are Offered at Essentials Medispa & Salon?

Although you can make an impact on your skin with healthy living, to indeed reverse the effects of aging, you will need professional help.  Essentials Medispa & Salon offers dermabrasion, chemical peels, micro needling and more to address signs of aging.  The best option to knowing how to improve your appearance is to schedule a consultation with a licensed skin care specialist at Essentials Medispa & Salon in Melbourne. We provide excellence in skin care treatments for our patients in Orlando and neighboring areas in Central Florida. 

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Safe Sun!

The summer and the surrounding months are great for outdoor activities. Many people love to enjoy the sunlight at the pool, on a hike, at the beach, or even in their own backyard. Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer, it’s all about soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, many people neglect to properly protect themselves from the sun, resulting in sunburns, skin damage, and other unwanted effects. Sometimes, this sun damage can even lead to skin cancer and other severe health issues. If you’re going to be spending time in the sun this summer, protection is key for staying safe and healthy. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while making the most out of the summer months.

Sunscreen & More Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the best way to guarantee protection from harmful UV rays. You should always wear sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. You should apply sunscreen before going outside and reapply every two hours. You may want to reapply more often if you are swimming or sweating. To make sure you are getting the best protection, stick to sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Cover Up the Skin

Covering up the skin and other sensitive areas can be a great way to limit harmful sun exposure. Long sleeve shirts and hats with brims are an excellent option, providing significant coverage and protection from the sun. You may also want to use sunglasses while you’re outside, which help protect the eyes from sun damage.

Relax in the Shade

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from the hot sun to cool off in the shade. During the middle of the day, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the sun’s rays are at their strongest. Hanging out in the shade can help you limit your exposure to harmful rays, and it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool and comfortable.

What’s So Bad About Sun Damage?

Excessive sunlight can cause sunburns, sun spots, and other unwanted problems regarding skin health. For more information on protecting yourself from the sun or treating sun damage, contact Essentials MedSpa & Salon today. We offer a range of cosmetic and health services, serving patients from Orlando, Melbourne, and the nearby areas of Florida.

The Spa – Not Just for Women Anymore

Man receiving Shiatsu massage from a professional masseur at spa salon

A trip to the spa is one of the best ways to have a great time, but boys, you can get in on the fun, too. The spa, once thought of as a women’s retreat, is starting to see quite the diversified guest list. From women of all ages, teens, couples, and men. Yes, men. Men taking a trip to the spa is the new norm. According to the International Spa Association, 47 percent of spa clientele are men, compared to 31 percent just a decade ago. Nothing to do with men getting in touch with their feminine side or the return of Queer Eye on Netflix, men simply deserve a little pampering too. Below are five med spa services that every man should try.

  1. Manicure

In a professional setting, it’s important to keep a neat appearance. No need for the fancy stuff; a quick manicure provides necessary filing, a flash massage, and a nail buff. Soar through presentations and shake everyone’s hand with confidence. Chronic nail-biter? Keeping well-manicured nails can help you quit that habit.

  1. Pedicure

It isn’t about soaking in bubbles and picking out a colorful polish. Pedicures have a lot of therapeutic qualities that can be particularly beneficial for men. If you work on your feet or are athletic, your feet can be quite sore. They may also develop calluses, skin rashes, athlete’s foot or just hurt. Keeping an eye on them is essential. Regularly taking care of your piggies is a great way to do that.

  1. Facial

A facial is a specialized cleaning and restoring treatment that deep-cleanses and conditions your skin to restore smoothness and suppleness. Facials can help enhance the skin’s moisture and elasticity, giving you a smooth and healthy complexion. Don’t consider it high maintenance, just maintenance. A professional can clean your face much better than you can. Men generally have coarser skin, larger pores and more oil on their faces, leaving them with an extra need for some skin TLC. Getting regular facials can also help you achieve that perfect shave!

  1. Massage Therapy

Nothing relaxes the body as thoroughly as a professional massage. It can help reduce knots, relieve stress, chronic pain and lower blood pressure. If you are lucky enough to not need help with any of these issues, don’t worry, massages still feel amazing. When performed regularly, they can help reduce the chance of developing these problems. There are a wide variety of techniques used; some can even restore circulation of oxygen to alleviate repetitive head and neck pain.

  1. IV Drip Therapy

IV drip therapy isn’t just for celebrities anymore. Anyone can utilize this life-altering experience with just a little drip. It’s a great way to maintain optimum health. The list of health benefits is endless. There are a variety of cocktails that each have their own strengths. IV drips can improve mental clarity, fatigue, immunity and the best hangover cure you will ever try.

Whether you’re a businessman or construction worker, there is something for everyone at a medical spa. So, put your “I’m too manly” mentality behind you, and make a date at the spa. You won’t regret it!

Protection Your Skin From The Sun

With the sunny months ahead of us it’s important to pay attention to our skin’s health and protecting it. We know today that we should wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds; however, many people still don’t listen.  According to the American Cancer Society it is estimated that nearly 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. Women may be more prone to talking about their skin and sun damage, but skin cancer is common in men too.

Sun screen is your best source of prevention, tanning oil does not count. Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher needs to be applied every day to sun exposed areas of your skin, and if you’re outside for prolonged period of time it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours or after getting wet. Also to get the full effects of the SPF it claims, you need to slather it on. Depending on the size of the person, around one ounce is enough to cover the average sun exposed areas of a person for two hours. The majority of Americans don’t come close to using the correct amount. Spray sunscreens are the newest thing, sweeping the shelves at every store. They are easy, convenient and great if you are trying to put sunscreen on a handful of anxious children waiting to go swimming. However it is hard to tell if the proper amount is being applied because it is hard to tell how much is actually coming out. Many of us forget that lips are skin too. You can tell when they become chapped, but it is also important to realize they can get burned too and are easily susceptible to getting skin cancer. Find a chapstick with SPF 30 also. You may have to put down the ones that taste like your favorite jelly beans but there are a lot of options out there.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, but also the most easily preventable. With all that is in this world that we can’t control, you might as well get the edge on something you can. There aren’t excuses anymore.  We know UV rays are bad for us and thousands of products have been developed to help us. There is a vast array of sunscreens out there for you and your family’s outdoor activities, you can find something that works for everyone. Standard sunscreens are effective but can be greasy and aren’t always the best thing to wear daily under makeup.  There is; however, a variety daily products to help keep your protective and looking healthy.

There are a lot of noteworthy face lotions out there to try. Everyone has different skin and reacts differently to certain products, try a few and see what works for you. A moisturizer is important for skin to keep it hydrated and also helps with a smoother makeup application. A lot of us think that our foundation protects are skin and some even have SPF in it but it’s not at a high enough level to get the needed protection.  An ideal face lotion will have, like your sunscreen, a SPF 30 or higher with antioxidants to decrease damaging effects of the sun and environmental exposures. My favorite daily moisturizer is by Image. Their tinted moisturizer is amazing for all skin types. It evens out your skin tone and gives you a natural glow, while protecting you from future damage. Win Win!