Freckles,dark spots,hyperpigmentation(melasma or chloasma)

Spots on the face are most likely to be caused by a skin condition known as melasma. Melasma is a common, patchy brown, tan or blue-gray skin discoloration due to overproduction of pigment on the skin.

Melasma typically results from sun exposure and hormonal changes in women due to progesterone and estrogen.

Melasma is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” because its dark patches—which usually crop up on the nose, cheekbones and jaw—are even more prevalent while women are expecting. But that doesn’t mean women greet the development of these embarrassing spots with the same type of glee as they do their babies-to-be. While there is no permanent cure, it can be effectively treated.

Best treatment options for melasma

Melasma can fade on its own, particularly when the trigger causing it—such as pregnancy or oral contraceptive use—ends. However, there are additional products that can be used to help melasma subside. They include:

• Hydroquinone. Available in a cream, lotion, gel or liquid, this medication works by lightening the skin. Hydroquinone can be found in over-the-counter preparations, but higher strength versions can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription.

• Tretinoin and corticosteroids. These medications enhance the skin lightening process when added to hydroquinone. Some contain three compounds—hydroquinone, tretinoin and a corticosteroid—which are then called a “triple cream.”

• Other topical medications. Also applied to the skin, these may include the skin-lighteners azelaic acid or kojic acid.

• In-office procedures. When topical medications don’t do the trick, in-office procedures such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or dermabrasion treatments, which slough off the top layers of the skin can be effective. It should be noted that irritation itself could produce more pigment on the skin.

With the help of a PA-C and a Medical Esthetician, most melasma treatments result in good outcomes. (

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