The Verdict on Botox

It is not infrequently that I hear the comment, “I’m not vain’ or “I want to grow old gracefully,” or “at my age, what does it matter? What is implied in all these comments? Is there a commonality amongst them? Should we not care about how our faces decline as they age? Don’t we have a choice besides watching our looks transform and do nothing, of course, we do! Science and medicine have improved our lives in so many ways, this is just another way of remaining well.

First, instead of answering these questions directly, I might ask a woman patient about the beautiful clothing they were wearing, or maybe I would compliment them on their hairstyle or how perfectly polished their nails are. With a man maybe comment on the level of fitness, head of hair or his nice watch. My question is, are these measures vain? Is it a character flaw, wanting to present oneself in the best light? Is it “not okay” to wear nice clothes or to pamper ourselves?

Folks will spend hours and hours at the gym reshaping their bodies, buy great gym clothes and the best supplements. Hire top trainers and fitness and diet coaches. They spend thousands of dollars on lotions and potions and over the counter anti-aging “medicines” and herbs. Runners buy shoes and pedometers and join health clubs. The quest for the beautiful body of our dreams seems to be widely accepted without question. So, why is the advanced, safe and proven treatments in medical aesthetics somehow vain?

Well, the fact is that self-improvement and investing in medical aesthetics has been found to build self-esteem and confidence. Medical aesthetics has proven to be reliable, safe and much more affordable than ever. Some studies show that an attractive face, scores higher on attraction models than those of the body, especially as we age.

There is nothing else that can halt the progression of the aging face. No cream can counteract the effect of facial volume loss. Rhytids (wrinkles) are inevitable unless the muscles are relaxed, long term Retin-A or skin resurfacing device is used. The advancement of this specialty over the last decade has been amazing. The melding of long-term corrections for the aging face and regenerative medicine holds great promise. We are living longer, and it is just logical that we want to look as good as we feel. No one says “I have a migraine but I want to tolerate it gracefully, we take the Excedrin”!

I recall a patient explicitly saying, “I have earned every wrinkle on my 60-year-old face.” I say, “That may be true, but what about the grey hair on your head”? (as blonde highlighted auburn locks shine, ( from afternoon re-coloring), the twinkle in my eyes evident to her, she laughs out loud!

I rest my case.

Best of health,

Brian Whaley ARNP-BC
Rejuvenation Director

How do I get rid of my wrinkles? – Contours of Youth

How do I get rid of my wrinkles?

When it comes to the cause of facial aging, the blame has usually rested with the old standby culprit- THE WRINKLE!  This is not the case! Especially when most people are asking, “How do I get rid of my wrinkles?” The greatest culprit in the appearance of an elderly face is the loss of facial volume. Just like a container holds volume, we need to think of our face as a container for the tissue (fat pads) that lifts our skin off of the bone and creates beautiful cheeks and jawlines. Hollow facial concavities give an aged and tired appearance.

Why does my face wrinkle? What has been done to treat wrinkles in the past?

Facial fat pads become atrophic (shrink) in our middle years as a normal part of the aging process. Early treatment by implants and collagen were less than satisfying, so alternatives were developed. Fat transfers were available but a part of the population did not want surgery. In the early 2000s, hyaluronics like Restylane were introduced. These were well received by the public and volume replacement became common. Collagen and implants became less utilized, although fat transfers are still used in surgery. Unfortunately, over time injection techniques became more superficial and less effective. Instead of volume replacement, superficial lines were being targeted. This is a poor substitute for volume replacement, due to the short duration and lack of contour creation. The average aesthetic patient was becoming a line chaser instead of a volume replacer. Facial contouring is not chasing lines, it is replacing lost volume, creating contour, and treating the cause – not the symptoms of facial aging. Lines are caused by volume loss and if nothing is done, the face will become emptier and more skeletal as time goes on.  

How can I have a longer lasting wrinkle correction result?

Fortunately, the answer to volume loss has been discovered and we have many options at Essentials Medispa and Salon to address this problem. Products such as Juvéderm, Restylane, Versa, and Lyft are well tolerated and effective volume replacements. The duration of these products varies, but when injected properly and with proper amounts they can last up to two years. Essentials Medispa’s Rejuvenation Director, Brian Whaley recommends one year as the time frame to come in for a touch up. It is not advisable to allow treatments to wear off completely.
Another long lasting treatment for volume loss is found within bioactive formulas. Unlike hyaluronic medications, bioactive medications cause significant collagen growth. Collagen is the longest lasting form of volume replacement. Sculptra is our bioactive medication of choice here at Essentials Medispa and Salon in Melbourne, Florida. Once injected, patients can expect up to five years of volume correction.  Together with your practitioner, a maintenance schedule is setup so that a ¾ full approach is maintained. Volume replacement for facial rejuvenation is like the gym is for our bodies. It is best to first get to the place we want, so that we can then focus on maintaining our new body!

Why Should Men Consider Botox®?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that men are not just considering Botox®, but are actually getting the injections, in record numbers.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a study in 2015 and reported an increase of 337% in American men seeking out Botox® therapy since the year 2000.

Why is this happening?

It’s a Botox® Revolution

Today’s men are beginning to experience the same pressure women have felt for decades – the importance of looking younger and staying attractive, particularly in a job market that may be extremely competitive.

The men who have already tried Botox® (or “Brotox”, as some are calling it) discovered it actually does makes them look and feel better. Some think it gives them that needed edge over their competition, both personally and professionally.

And ever since men breached the hair salon barrier, they seem to be more open about appearance-related treatments. The stigma that once surrounded anything remotely “cosmetic” in nature for men has significantly subsided.

Why Should Men Consider Botox®?

A man should consider getting Botox® injections for many of the same reasons a woman considers it.

  • It improves the signs of aging, such as brow furrows, crow’s feet, and lip lines
  • It can also help with the treatment of acne, excessive sweating and chronic headaches
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results

Just so you know, Botox® has long been used by bodybuilders. They understand the need in their industry to look younger, and there’s widespread belief that it gives them a leg up on their competitors.

The reality is, more and more, we’re living in a youth-focused society. Men (and women as well) who look younger are routinely thought to be smarter, happier, and even more skilled than those who look older. It’s just how the world works today.

If You’re a Man Considering Botox® – Some Things You Should Know

It’s already come to light that there are substantial differences between men and women as far as the end result of Botox® injections. So in choosing a doctor, you want one who has experience administering injectables in male patients.

There’s no exact dosages specific to men at this point, but most professionals agree that a male patient needs a higher dose than a female patient.

Men age differently from women. Your skin is thicker than a woman’s and has better nourishment to it because of the blood supply needed for your facial hair. For these reasons, you may only need a couple of visits a year to maintain the youthful appearance Botox® can help you achieve.

The Fact Is – More Men Are Getting Botox®

The majority of men seeking out Botox® treatments tend to be 35-65 year old professionals. They’re in business or law, or they may be in the art or fashion world. But beyond that, there are no “types” of men, no specific demographic to predict who may decide to get Botox® injections. The desire for younger looking skin, free from age-related lines and wrinkles crosses all races, ages, sports and political leanings.

If you’re interested in learning more about Botox® injections, contact Essentials Medispa & Salon today.