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Why Should Men Consider Botox®?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that men are not just considering Botox®, but are actually getting the injections, in record numbers.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a study in 2015 and reported an increase of 337% in American men seeking out Botox® therapy since the year 2000.

Why is this happening?

It’s a Botox® Revolution

Today’s men are beginning to experience the same pressure women have felt for decades – the importance of looking younger and staying attractive, particularly in a job market that may be extremely competitive.

The men who have already tried Botox® (or “Brotox”, as some are calling it) discovered it actually does makes them look and feel better. Some think it gives them that needed edge over their competition, both personally and professionally.

And ever since men breached the hair salon barrier, they seem to be more open about appearance-related treatments. The stigma that once surrounded anything remotely “cosmetic” in nature for men has significantly subsided.

Why Should Men Consider Botox®?

A man should consider getting Botox® injections for many of the same reasons a woman considers it.

  • It improves the signs of aging, such as brow furrows, crow’s feet, and lip lines
  • It can also help with the treatment of acne, excessive sweating and chronic headaches
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results

Just so you know, Botox® has long been used by bodybuilders. They understand the need in their industry to look younger, and there’s widespread belief that it gives them a leg up on their competitors.

The reality is, more and more, we’re living in a youth-focused society. Men (and women as well) who look younger are routinely thought to be smarter, happier, and even more skilled than those who look older. It’s just how the world works today.

If You’re a Man Considering Botox® – Some Things You Should Know

It’s already come to light that there are substantial differences between men and women as far as the end result of Botox® injections. So in choosing a doctor, you want one who has experience administering injectables in male patients.

There’s no exact dosages specific to men at this point, but most professionals agree that a male patient needs a higher dose than a female patient.

Men age differently from women. Your skin is thicker than a woman’s and has better nourishment to it because of the blood supply needed for your facial hair. For these reasons, you may only need a couple of visits a year to maintain the youthful appearance Botox® can help you achieve.

The Fact Is – More Men Are Getting Botox®

The majority of men seeking out Botox® treatments tend to be 35-65 year old professionals. They’re in business or law, or they may be in the art or fashion world. But beyond that, there are no “types” of men, no specific demographic to predict who may decide to get Botox® injections. The desire for younger looking skin, free from age-related lines and wrinkles crosses all races, ages, sports and political leanings.

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