Emotional Wellbeing

Maybe you didn’t stick with your New Year’s Resolution or perhaps gave up chocolate for Lent then ate a whole bowl of Hershey Kisses. Okay that may or may not have been me. It’s fine. It’s spring, a time to start anew. Known as the season of rejuvenation and regrowth, however, I always think of it as a time for new beginnings and experiences. The abundance of lush greenery and active wildlife only match the beautiful weather we start to see. If you live in colder environments like me, you can definitely feel the switching of seasons. Sometimes you hear people say they live somewhere because they like “the seasons” and it sounds corny, but it’s true. I could probably do with a few months less of winter, but it’s a pretty amazing thing to see and feel the changes. If it wasn’t for the cold, dreary months, however, my appreciation of spring might not be as high. Once you learn to appreciate what surrounds you, big and small; you become grateful for everything.

As I write this, I have every window open in my house. It’s only 41 degrees out, and I have a hoodie on, but it feels like a perfect day. The sun is beaming through, and I can hear the birds chatting away. I often wonder what they talk about; they’re probably excited that spring is here too. It can be easy to take things for granted, even something as simple as the sun. We all know what it feels like to go a few cloudy days in a row. You aren’t as happy; it’s something about when it’s sunny that makes us smile and feel better. A lot of experts now believe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is linked more to lack of sunlight than the temperature dropping. The sun is proving to make you emotionally happier; this is why it’s so important just to get outside. With a lot of our jobs, we’re indoors with artificial lighting, recycled air and sometimes just dirty conditions. Get some fresh air. Spend your breaks outside. On the weekends get out of the malls and off the couch and in the presence of nature.

I went for a walk through this gorgeous park last weekend, and it was incredible. I was covered in mud and walked into a couple of branches but was worth all of it. I saw natural rock foundations that would rival the work of Picasso. I heard beautiful melodies from water running off enchanting waterfalls, the types of sounds they sell on CD to help you relax. Save your money and experience it firsthand. It’s important to get outside and immerse yourself in nature.

You may think you can’t appreciate the seasonal changes if you live in a warm climate but you’re wrong. No matter where you live there’s so much to admire. Florida’s weather is pretty amazing year-round but, it gets even better in the spring. Not only do different flowers and animals come about but farmers go to work. A lot of their fruit and vegetable crops start mass producing this time of year. They supply delicious food to the whole country. A simple little change in the season enables them to provide nourishment to millions of people every day. Think about how amazing that is.

Spring is a time to encompass all things new. They’re new challenges, new journeys, and new growth. Enjoy it all and reflect on the changes and appreciate them. There is so much to experience out there that we often take for granted. Once you realize this, it’s a humbling feeling. Leave the last few months behind and don’t think about what we messed up on or what we didn’t accomplish. Instead, use this opportunity to get excited. It’s about new beginnings and embracing all the beautiful changes that surround us.