The Spa – Not Just for Women Anymore

Man receiving Shiatsu massage from a professional masseur at spa salon

A trip to the spa is one of the best ways to have a great time, but boys, you can get in on the fun, too. The spa, once thought of as a women’s retreat, is starting to see quite the diversified guest list. From women of all ages, teens, couples, and men. Yes, men. Men taking a trip to the spa is the new norm. According to the International Spa Association, 47 percent of spa clientele are men, compared to 31 percent just a decade ago. Nothing to do with men getting in touch with their feminine side or the return of Queer Eye on Netflix, men simply deserve a little pampering too. Below are five med spa services that every man should try.

  1. Manicure

In a professional setting, it’s important to keep a neat appearance. No need for the fancy stuff; a quick manicure provides necessary filing, a flash massage, and a nail buff. Soar through presentations and shake everyone’s hand with confidence. Chronic nail-biter? Keeping well-manicured nails can help you quit that habit.

  1. Pedicure

It isn’t about soaking in bubbles and picking out a colorful polish. Pedicures have a lot of therapeutic qualities that can be particularly beneficial for men. If you work on your feet or are athletic, your feet can be quite sore. They may also develop calluses, skin rashes, athlete’s foot or just hurt. Keeping an eye on them is essential. Regularly taking care of your piggies is a great way to do that.

  1. Facial

A facial is a specialized cleaning and restoring treatment that deep-cleanses and conditions your skin to restore smoothness and suppleness. Facials can help enhance the skin’s moisture and elasticity, giving you a smooth and healthy complexion. Don’t consider it high maintenance, just maintenance. A professional can clean your face much better than you can. Men generally have coarser skin, larger pores and more oil on their faces, leaving them with an extra need for some skin TLC. Getting regular facials can also help you achieve that perfect shave!

  1. Massage Therapy

Nothing relaxes the body as thoroughly as a professional massage. It can help reduce knots, relieve stress, chronic pain and lower blood pressure. If you are lucky enough to not need help with any of these issues, don’t worry, massages still feel amazing. When performed regularly, they can help reduce the chance of developing these problems. There are a wide variety of techniques used; some can even restore circulation of oxygen to alleviate repetitive head and neck pain.

  1. IV Drip Therapy

IV drip therapy isn’t just for celebrities anymore. Anyone can utilize this life-altering experience with just a little drip. It’s a great way to maintain optimum health. The list of health benefits is endless. There are a variety of cocktails that each have their own strengths. IV drips can improve mental clarity, fatigue, immunity and the best hangover cure you will ever try.

Whether you’re a businessman or construction worker, there is something for everyone at a medical spa. So, put your “I’m too manly” mentality behind you, and make a date at the spa. You won’t regret it!