Master Injector, Brian Benson, PA-C

Master Injector in Melbourne, FLQ: What do you feel makes for a great injector in your field of cosmetic surgery / dermatology?
A: There is no single approach that is right for every patient. Practicing in the field of Neurosurgery for 8 years gave me an in depth understanding of facial anatomy. I feel the KEY to success is a keen clinical skill set, an understanding of both anatomy and form combined with a willingness to listen, get to know one’s client and to always be striving to be better.

Q: Are most of your treatments focused around treating ‘wrinkles’?
A: Today we understand that treating the effects of aging goes far beyond wrinkles. I see both male & female patients with long lists of concerns about beauty. I like to tell them my work is not just about filling and erasing lines; it’s also about bringing back an overall youthful appearance to the face. This entails analyzing the patient and determining which elements are contributing to making him or her look tired and not as fresh. Often wrinkles are a major factor but they are not the only factor. Sunken cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, and facial features that seem to be heading south are equally guilty, as is the loss of facial fat.

Q: Why are many of your non surgical cosmetic treatments often referred to as ‘lunchtime’ procedures?
A: Options available to my patients include everything from Botox®, collagen stimulating treatments, dermal fillers, DermasweepTM, chemical peels, to an array of laser skin services. All of these treatments can be completed in 15-30 minutes with minimal to no discomfort or down time.

Q: Why Botox®?
A: Botox® / Xeomin® / Dysport® (neuromodulators) treatments are one of the most versatile procedures available today, and it has fulfilled people’s demand for instant gratification. This injectable has made people realize that there is no need to wait until their looks fall apart before dabbling in cosmetic procedures. It is also one of the few treatments I offer that is truly preventative in the way it addresses certain aging processes. Dermal fillers work by adding flattering volume to the face and softening wrinkles. With products like Juvederm® / Restylane® / Radiesse® / Sculptra® I am able to restore natural volume to the face and fill in lines and wrinkles instantly.

Q: Why are these procedures appealing?
A: Why have millions of people signed up for these procedures? The answer is actually quite simple: the procedures work!! Over my 16 years I’ve learned that people want the most impact with the least possible commitment of time. They also want little to no recovery time, low risk of adverse effects, minimal discomfort, and ultimately, striking results. I think it is safe to say that these procedures deliver all this.