Can Massage Alone Get Rid Of Stubborn Knots?

Massage Therapy in Melbourne, FLWe all like massage for its relaxing and calming effect, but what about those deep muscular aches and pains? Some simply won’t respond to even deep tissue massage, despite the touch of a licensed, experienced therapist.

More than just a muscle spasm, Trigger Point Complex is due to a inflammatory reaction from a minor tear in the muscle, fascia or tendons that attach to the muscle. This can produce painful ‘knots’ that won’t seem to go away despite regular massage sessions. Clients can suffer from a myriad of symptoms like; headaches, stiff muscles and pain.

With Trigger Point Therapy, our trained therapists inject the ‘knot’ with an FDA approved medication that can give immediate relief that can last 3-6 months. The treatment is virtually painless and can often resolve the problem even permanently. This service finishes with a 15 minute massage of the injected area.