Healthful holiday eating for maintaining a healthy weight

With our minds filled with to-do lists, the thought of planning and prepping our healthy meals may fall short. The limited availability of healthy choices while grabbing and going or eating out may wreak havoc on our salt, fat, and caloric intake. This time of year is full of traditional holiday dishes, which present challenges that may affect your wellness goals and weight loss efforts. Did you know? The average weight gain during the holiday season averages between 5-10 pounds if we let it.

The following tips can be added to meal plans by preventing unnecessary weight gain while allowing you to enjoy and indulgence:

  • Double the vegetables called for in soup, stew, or stuffing recipes!
  • Modify dishes that don’t include veggies and ADD them!
  • Focus on fruit for low-fat, low sugar dessert offerings such as yogurt parfaits or baked apples (blended frozen fruit like bananas, peaches, or strawberries can create a “nice” cream).
  • Charcuterie Boards are a trendy starter!

In addition to your favorite meats and cheeses, try including fruits, vegetables, homemade dips, hummus, spicy mustard, nuts, olives, avocado, multigrain crackers, and chips.

  • Enjoy your holiday favorites by thinking about portions while tasting.
  • Serve wine in smaller glasses to manage portions.
  • Infuse pitchers of water with fresh fruit or herbs.
  • Employ some extra activity first thing in the morning or add some time to your regular sessions as we move through the next few weeks into the New Year. Get right back on track the day after!

Our Registered Dietitian Valerie loves Vegetable Pot Pie for a family-friendly and diverse dish to offer. This recipe calls for Tofu as a vegetarian choice but can be modified to include your favorite protein. Substitute vegetables to introduce your favorites. One serving is low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar.

Valerie Passabile MSRD, LDN, FAND is available by appointment at Essentials Medispa-salon to discuss your New Year wellness resolutions! Contact us to schedule a consultation with her today!

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