Stem Cells and Exosomes

It used to be thought that the stem cells we have were able to transform into new tissue and replace damaged cells with the newly converted stem cells. It has become more evident over the last 20 years that these cells are carrying a cellular pharmacy. The internal compounds chemicals and parts of these cells have the healing medicine for every organ or tissue they are embedded in, explained Brian Whaley ARNP-BC Director of Rejuvenation here at Essentials Medispa.

Exosomes are the small molecular contents of the stem cell. They regenerate and help proliferate cells in wound healing, they contained protein, peptides, DNA and RNA in cell bodies, that once released to inflamed tissue, healing occurs. Injured cells are reprogrammed to be healthy again. The sharing of mitochondria (power plant) with damaged cells promote division and replication in energy-depleted cells as well. Messenger RNA and potent trophic and anti-inflammatory mediators bathe the site as well.

In our bodies, the cells located for each cell type is in proximity to each tissue type and are recruited from local stores. The heart has its own specific myocardial cells so, in a heart attack scenario, cardiac stem cells respond. This is an efficient and pristine system that is finite and can be depleted, the ability to use exosomes is available separate from live stem cells and although not specifically to a tissue type is very useful in wound healing.

Here at Essentials Medspa in Viera Florida, we have opted for the Live cell approach in regenerative treatments. Our Director, Brian Whaley ARNP-BC had been using this method in the Seattle and Tacoma area before relocating to Florida.” Extreme pain was a driver of many patient visits”. Limitation of function and strength was our primary goal without surgery or narcotic pain control. The barriers to exosome only treatments were explained like this. “Think of the living stem cells as the ambulance, the driver of the ambulance has navigation to an area that is signaling inflammation. The ambulance driver goes to the site of inflammation by a honing mechanism. Once the cell is in the location, it parks around the site and cycles through division and releases the EMTs from inside the ambulance to the injured cells. The medicine is delivered, and cellular reprogramming occurs. You can give an injection in the arm, and the stem cells will end up propagating in an area far away from the entrance.

These stem cells are derived from umbilical cords from the placentas of healthy live born babies are the most potent of all stem cells. Depletion of stem cells do and will occur as we age or suffer injuries and illness. The replenishment from a donor is how we get a transfusion of blood and plasma and other, and in stem cells, this is considered to be the best way as well.

Feel free to come in for a consult, there is no charge and Essentials Medspa is a five-star destination in the space coast serving this community for the last 19 years.

Best of health,
Brian Whaley, ARNP-BC
Rejuvenation Director

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