Stem Cells 101: Anti aging and wellness using Stem Cells

Aging is a natural process that is the cumulative effect of genetic and environmental damage to our bodies and DNA. Along with healing us from life’s traumas and noxious environmental stressors, Stem cells found within our bodies combat the effects of aging. Here at Essentials Medspa in Viera we’re interested in finding ways to address this.

Aging is unavoidable so far…, and from which may bring a host of health problems. Early middle age brings with it sexual dysfunction, metabolic slowdown, weight gain, hormonal imbalance. Later, loss of hearing, vision, muscle strength, bone mass, immunity, cognition, and metabolism are just a few of the issues aging causes.

Aging is controlled by genetic and environmental factors. These factors negatively or positively affect our bodies to increase or decrease the aging process within our bodies. The accumulation of these factors will ultimately deplete the stem cells within our bodies, which are the essential healing cells of our bodies. Brian Whaley ARNP_ BC has used these cells in the treatment of degenerative conditions while practicing pain medicine in Seattle Washington.

Stem cells do not typically do ‘work’ in our bodies, unlike muscle cells that are used for running or neurons within our brain for thinking. Instead, one theory states, stem cells have the unique ability to create copies of themselves and transform into other types of cells–such as muscle cells or neurons – which is the basis of body regeneration, another theory states, the cells create the environment of regeneration through the release of exosomes and transference of messenger RNA to damaged tissue causing healing to occur. New tissue is regenerated, and lost function often returns. The reprogramming of the sick cells to reproduce into healthy cells is the best current theory of cellular mechanics.

When the body is injured (e.g., skin cut), cytokines, which are chemical signals used by the body to communicate, are released to activate MSC, and they then travel to the injured area for repair. This ability is called “homing.” MSCs have shown to be highly effective in the alleviation of pain, especially arthritic joint pain, surgery being averted in many cases. The results of studies for reversal of frailty in the elderly are well documented, benefits include improved mental clarity, improved libido, improved feelings of well being, improved mobility. Healing times are decreased in sports injuries, the function returns faster and patients have been pleased with the direct and indirect benefits.

The goal of many current anti-aging treatments is to increase the health and population of stem cells within the body, to better counteract the effects of aging through maintenance or return to youthful regeneration. The type of stem cell that is utilized at Essentials medspa in Viera Florida, is mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). These stem cells have been shown to be a core factor in skin, muscle, cartilage, and bone regeneration, all of which decrease as we age. MSCs can be harvested from the placenta of a newborn baby, from healthy donors after a healthy infant is delivered. This is ethical and safe, and these cells are screened and grown in sterile lab conditions by reputable, and established FDA approved labs. MSCs derived this way are newer more durable and have greater longevity and are more robust than older Adult MSCs.

Stem cells are considered one key to regulating our aging. Since aging is the natural deterioration of our bodies, stem cells help regenerate our bodies by replacing old (degenerated) cells that are too deteriorated to work or damaged beyond self-help. However, as we age the number of mesenchymal stem cells within our bodies will deplete which slows down our youthful regeneration causing us to become symptomatic as we age. Simply by adding new stem cells to the body, we can keep the cell counts elevated and regenerative ability at maximum.

We are here to answer any of your questions regarding stem cell therapy, for a free , please call Essentials Medspa and book an appointment with Brian Whaley ARNP-BC for a free consultation.

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