Stem Cell 101: Ethics

In the early part of the 21 century, the controversy of using embryonic cells or Human fetal cells reached all the way to the presidency and federal lawmakers. A ban was instated for the use of these tissues and thus was codified into U.S. statutes. This cast a justifiable ethical cloud on these studies and a public perception problem, what was not widely known was Adult Stem cells were already known to be safer and more powerful.

The fact is the Fetal and embryonic studies were unsuccessful and riddled with side effects and complications, but adult stem cells could be harvested from our bodies with greater efficacy was somehow lost in the controversy. This cloud persisted in public perception even though the practice was stopped in the USA almost two decades ago. MSCs

It was slightly later that the not so well known, MSCs stem cells (Mesenchymal) could be derived from the Placentas of healthy newborn babies. These cells are so potent and robust that they are considered to be the cell of choice, exceeding adult stem cells in all parameters of anti-inflammation and regeneration. This understanding and over 50,000 cases worldwide without issue has solved the ethical and legal problems for us in this field.

The use of placental umbilical cord MSCs is ethical with healthy volunteer donors who are consented and medically screened. The FDA has oversight of all the laboratories in the USA. We adhere to this ethical practice model and agree that adherence to the safe and morally sound collection of MSCs from placentas was the right way to go.

The use of this naturopathic cellular “medicine” is at the cutting edge of science, and we want to share this with our patients. We also have moral and ethical principles instilled in us healers in our oath ell “do no harm.” We all share feeling that what we do is good for humanity and will lead us to breakthroughs and life-sustaining treatments. In this regard our consciences are clear, and we can sleep at night, knowing our oaths are upheld.

Best of health,

Brian Whaley, ARNP-BC
Rejuvenation Director

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