If you’re suffering from chronic pain, be it repetitive tension headaches, back pain, pain from a previous injury, or chronic arthritis, Essentials Medispa & Salon has treatment options to help alleviate your pain and help you return to a normal lifestyle. Our facility is led by medical director Michael Lesser, MD, board-certified in four medical specialties, including regenerative medicine. We offer an array of pain management techniques provided by skilled, trained professionals committed to your satisfaction and well-being. Conveniently located in Melbourne, Essentials Medispa & Salon sees patients from Orlando and nearby areas in Central Florida.

What is Pain Management?

Pain Management is a complex combination of treatment modalities and therapies designed to help individuals manage chronic pain. Once the cause and nature of your chronic pain has been established, our team will design a personalized treatment plan to help alleviate your pain. This plan may include a variety of treatments as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations. Contact our office today to learn more about our pain management and general wellness programs.

Pain Management Treatment Options

Our treatments may include both plant-based and pharmaceutical medications such as Medical Marijuana, Regenerative Medicine, physical manipulation such as massage or trigger point therapy, mind-body treatments relaxation treatments or Microject® system of pain management.

Among our options for pain management, we provide:

About Microject® Headache Relief

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches that interfere with your ability to enjoy daily activities, it may be time to try Microject®. This exciting new treatment combines a “micro” dose of a potent muscle relaxer with powerful anti-inflammatory agents. These are injected directly into the muscles that cause tension headaches. Microject® has proven highly effective in clinical trials at reducing the incidence of tension headaches and helping patients get back to enjoying life!

Why Choose Essentials Medispa & Salon for Pain Management?

Essentials Medispa & Salon is staffed by a team of licensed, trained, and skilled specialists working in a variety of treatment modalities. All treatments are performed under the general supervision of our noted medical director, Michael F. Lesser, MD, FACC, FSCCT, FAARM. Dr. Lesser is a noted physician, four-time board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American College of Cardiology, the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Lesser stresses the importance of treating both the physical and emotional aspects of pain, and treating patients as whole human beings. He emphasizes the importance of providing mind-body treatment options in combination with physical treatments such as medications and physical manipulation. While chronic pain medication may be an effective and important tool for treating chronic pain, we believe it is not the only tool available, and treatment should not be limited to prescribing medication. Our goal is to help you heal, and to improve your overall lifestyle and emotional condition to ensure the most comfortable, pain-free life possible.

How Can I Get Started with Pain Management?

Before we can effectively treat your chronic pain, we must first learn what is causing it. Therefore, the first step in pain management is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Lesser or any of our pain management specialists. They will diagnose the type of pain you’re experiencing and determine its cause. This will help our team decide which pain management treatment or combination of treatments will provide the most effective relief.

Don’t suffer needlessly with chronic pain, contact Essentials Medispa & Salon today to begin your journey to a pain-free life. We can design a customized pain management treatment plan to help you feel like your old self again. Our convenient office located in Melbourne serves residents of Orlando and nearby communities in Central Florida with the latest treatment modalities for effective pain management.

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Medical Spa in Melbourne, FL

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