Essentials now offers cutting edge rejuvenation using Stem Cell Therapy

What are Stem Cells?
This new regeneration and rejuvenation technique is the cutting edge in medicine.  We are now up and running and ready to treat our patients to this therapy.  In a nutshell, MSCs are derived from the Placentas of newborn babies.  All mothers are screened and consented, and the cells are grown in FDA approved labs in the USA.  The cells are separated, and the best ones are called “golden cells,” these cells are treated with antimicrobials and are flash frozen to minus 350 degrees Celsius and shipped to us.

What can Stem Cells do?
Stem cells are being used in all types of disease processes, and various disciplines have found they hold great promise for their patients.  Groundbreaking results have been seen in the debilitating illness of the central nervous system that was formerly considered irreversible or untreatable.  Treatment of Joint disease and pain have become common,  applied to wellness and anti-aging medicine the results have been no less amazing, aging does not have to be a slow degenerative unstoppable process, the years come, but the degeneration can be mitigated.

I heard Stem Cells are fetal tissue, is this true?
Some common misconceptions about stem cell are the idea the fetal tissue is used.  This is not true, that is an entirely different line of cells.  Fetal cells have been implicated in causing tumor growth in one case in Russia.  We do not use Fetal cells, they are derived from aborted human fetuses, and federal law is stringent on this practice. We do not use any Fetal tissue and are not involved in those practices.  Here at Essentials Medispa we utilize ethical, informed consented and voluntarily donated placental-derived stem cells exclusively. This is cutting edge science, and I will be catching everyone up on the latest studies and some more of the SC 101 basics.  Imagine living cells designed to heal us with the ability to replicate or repair any tissue in the human body, given like a medication…science fiction no more.

Best of health,

Brian G Whaley ARNP- BC
Rejuvenation Director

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