Don’t just lose weight, choose a healthy lifestyle

Deciding to lose weight is not just about starting a diet; it’s about choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. The key to successful and maintainable weight loss is all about controlling cellular inflammation. And while controlling cellular inflammation will drastically show physical changes, what we don’t realize is that we are also making positive changes to our biochemistry.

Approaching weight loss by targeting visceral fat, aka “belly fat,” will help reduce your waistline and improve your body’s chemistry. Visceral fat is a dense and highly toxic type of fat that is responsible for the release of inflammatory proteins and hormones, increasing your risk for developing certain diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and elevated cholesterol levels.

Along with reducing belly fat, healing the gut microbiome is an essential component required to promote a surge in metabolism and allow better absorption of nutrients which will kick start to your metabolic rate. A typical Western diet, one of which we’ve all been accustom to, one of which is high in refined carbohydrates and processed foods, will create gut inflammation resulting in what’s known as, Leaky gut. Leaky gut is one of the leading causes of cellular inflammation, making it difficult to lose weight, and ultimately sustained weight gain.

This disruption in the gut microbiome allows trace amounts of toxins into the bloodstream forming an attack on the cells. To protect themselves, the cell slows itself down and creates a barrier of inflammation to keep toxic elements out. You feel this in many different ways such as, chronic fatigue, brain fog, slow metabolism, and nutrient deficiencies. In extreme cases, a prolonged leaky gut can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chron’s disease.

By working with Essentials Medispa and Salon’s Nutritionist, you will receive the education and advice necessary to be becoming a happy, healthier person. Our nutritionist is here to educate and guide you into becoming a healthier version of you. She understands weight loss can be an intimidating and challenging task for many and is dedicated to delivering personalized care to each one of her clients by providing a non-judgmental and caring service.

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