Alternative Healing with Reiki

For several years we have been awakened to “new age” healing modalities that include essential oils, Himalayan salt, meditation, crystals, nutrition, supplements, and energy work. These practices have been used within several cultures for thousands of years, far from being “new.” However, the Western influence of science and medicine had superseded these alternative methods by leaps and bounds with spectacular discoveries and accomplishments. Subsequently, many of these alternative methods were not being utilized or practiced within our own culture, and for those who did were few and far between. We now can understand and respect the need for both areas of healing, and what they offer for each of us. Complimentary alternative methods are considered to be the most effective, as they incorporate both the scientific and holistic approach to healing.

An alternative healing modality that is highly effective and has significantly grown in recognition is Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese method of healing that uses a high frequency of energy to help relax the client, balance their energies and to promote healing from within. Many individuals experience deep relaxation that helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension throughout the body, as well as develop better sleeping habits. Also, many individuals that experience chronic pain notice reduction of inflammation and pain, as well as better circulation. It is a spectacular service to assist in the balancing of body, mind, and spirit.

Clients that schedule Reiki at Essentials MediSpa & Salon will find it very similar to massage, with the exception that muscle manipulation is not involved with this treatment. Once in the treatment room, the practitioner will allow you time to dress down to your comfort level, advising you that when ready, to lay face up on the heated massage table, beneath the soft blankets. Once the practitioner returns to the treatment room, she will begin by making sure you are comfortable and start the service by using her hands to apply gentle touch at the crown of the head. Reiki energy comes through and will move through the top of the head to other areas of the body that correlate to chakras, meridians, and energy centers. The practitioner uses gentle touch throughout the service over specific energy centers, consistently channeling high vibrational Reiki energy to the client. If the recipient prefers a hands-free treatment, Reiki energy can be transmitted by the practitioner by merely hovering their hands about 4-6 inches from the client’s body. This method is still highly effective. Most individuals receiving Reiki will notice a change in the flow of energy within the body and a feeling of warmth and peacefulness which is the healing energy at work, creating harmony within the mind and body to promote relaxation.

Some quotes from our Reiki clients..

“I have a very stressed life with trying to balancing job and home life. While I was skeptical about Reiki, a friend encouraged me to try it, thinking, what could it hurt? I’m glad I did. I instantly felt a relaxation come over me and whatever was happening, I could feel my body tingling. I highly recommend this therapy, from one skeptic to possibly another.” Leslie M.

“I’ve always wondered about Reiki and decided I would try it. During the session, I felt a very warm sensation come over me, and my eyes started to water, even though I wasn’t crying and didn’t feel sad. It was a very moving experience for me.” Angelique T.

“From personal experience, I am very experienced with Reiki and try to have an ‘alignment’ about once a month. It keeps me grounded and Renee informs me of blocks she senses and how to correct them. It’s a part of my life, and I love it!” Tristen K.

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