Massage Therapies


Arrive 30 minutes early so you can have a stress-free check in, change into a comfy robe and slippers, a little steam or sauna and relax in our relaxation area, exclusively for spa clients. Sip a hot tea, enjoy spa snacks and have a rest before your spa treatment begins.

Lavender Limeade Massage:
With Body Scrub - 80 min $145
With Aromatherapy - 50 min $99

Milk lotion crafted with buttermilk, organic coconut milk and steeped in organic lavender flowers, this rubdown breathes new life into your skin and makes everyday feel like spring is awakening in the air.- For an over the top experience add-on: Wild Lime Hypnotic Scalp Massage - only $15

Essentials Fusion Experience - 120 min $220

Experience a mélange of the world’s best massage techniques and escape to an experience that is simply out of this world. Detoxify with herbal infused poultices and select Thai stretches. Relax with the warmth of heated stones and the rocking and rolling of Lomi Lomi techniques. Hydrate with a warm cocooning wrap while receiving a scalp massage with Shirodhara oils.

Feet First Massage - 25 min $45

Concentrated massage work on the feet. Includes a hot towel wrap.

Fully Loaded Feet First Massage - 25 min $55

Begins with a lemon coffee olive foot scrub. Followed by a tangerine fig butter foot massage with hot stones. Finishes with a hot towel wrap.

Neck & Shoulder Rub - 25 min $49

Concentrated work on the neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Ultimate Unwinder - 50/80 min $80/$115

Our signature, deeply relaxing, full body massage that offers a blend of Swedish & circulatory strokes. Includes complimentary aromatherapy add-on.
*Favorite add-on: Hot Stones

Athletic Rub - 50/80 min $85/$120

An Elemis massage, using Musclease Active Oil infused with maritime pine, sea-buckthorn, sea fennel & rosemary, hot steamed towels and long flowing massage strokes to improve joint mobility & flush metabolic wastes from the tissues.

Deep Tissue - 50/80 min $90/$125

This slow, intense bodywork focuses on the deep muscle layers and points of attachment. It is recommended for those who receive massage regularly or are accustomed to a more firm massage. *Just 2 or 3 areas can be thoroughly addressed in the 50-minute session.

Authentic Aromatherapy Experience - 50/80 min $85/$120

Essential oils have been shown to effect the mind and body in subtle and profound ways. This sense seducing experience evokes a deep sense of relaxation while therapeutic touch releases all tension.

Hot Stone - 50/80 min $90/$125

AKA the zen massage, where seasoned therapists use warm stones that glide over the body & warmed oil to create a completely unforgettable, deeply relaxing massage!

Thai Massage - 50/80 min $95/$130

Thai massage is also called yoga massage because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Many people say Thai massage is like doing yoga without any work. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment. People describe Thai massage as both relaxing and energizing. *Wear loose pants & t-shirt

Pre-Baby Bliss prenatal massage - 50/80 min $80/$115

Soft strokes, body pillows and pure relaxation for the mother to be. (Must be past 1st trimester)

Oncology Massage - 25/50 min $60/$90

Our specialized Oncology Massage Therapists are trained in delivering massage to people with cancer and will adapt the massage to suit your individual needs. As well as being relaxing, massage can be particularly beneficial if you are experiencing pain, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, sleep difficulties, stiffness or limited range of movement.

Double Rub Massage - 50/80 min $160/$230

Two therapist work in tandem for one over the top, completely indulgent massage.

Couples Massage - 50/80 min   *starting at $160

You choose the massages and they are performed in the same room, side by side.

for an over-the-top experience add:

Feet first massage *25 min. $45

Wild lime hypnotic scalp massage *10 min. $15

Frangipani scalp massage *10 min. $15

Hot stones (partial body) *no additional time $15

Skin refining sugar foot scrub *no additional time $15

Instant Relief Gel *no additional time $10

Muscle Ease Infused Oil*no additional time $10

Energy Boost B12 Shot *5 min. $19

Catered spa lunch $16 *please note an 18% gratuity is automatically added for spa lunches

Do you have stubborn knots that cause pain and discomfort and never go away? Watch our Trigger Point Release video below and see how you can find relief with our Trigger Point Release Massage!


Trigger Point Release Massage $99 - $159

1 injection $99
2 injections $129
3 injection $149
4 injections $159 *all include a 20-minute massage into specific area injected