Golden Milk


Golden Milk is beautiful, easy, and a delicious introduction to the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda. A taste-bud-tingling alternative to coffee, this comforting drink is perfect for any time of day.



Golden Milk Recipe

1 cup organic whole milk (preferably unhomogenized) or almond, oat, coconut, hemp milk, etc.

½ cup water

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground turmeric

2 to 3 cardamom pods, cracked, or ⅛ teaspoon ground cardamom

pinch of ground nutmeg

a good grind of black pepper

1 date or 1 teaspoon jaggery to sweeten

1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger or ½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon organic ghee (good for vata)


1. Add the milk, water, spices, and the date, if using, to a pan and season with black pepper and whisk well.

2. Bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes, being careful not to let it burn or let it bubble over! Add ghee and jaggery if using, mix well, and remove from heat.

3. Allow to cool a little, strain and serve.

Recipe excerpted from East by West. Copyright © 2017 by Jasmine Hemsley. Published by Bluebird Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

Don’t just lose weight, choose a healthy lifestyle

Deciding to lose weight is not just about starting a diet; it’s about choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. The key to successful and maintainable weight loss is all about controlling cellular inflammation. And while controlling cellular inflammation will drastically show physical changes, what we don’t realize is that we are also making positive changes to our biochemistry.

Approaching weight loss by targeting visceral fat, aka “belly fat,” will help reduce your waistline and improve your body’s chemistry. Visceral fat is a dense and highly toxic type of fat that is responsible for the release of inflammatory proteins and hormones, increasing your risk for developing certain diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and elevated cholesterol levels.

Along with reducing belly fat, healing the gut microbiome is an essential component required to promote a surge in metabolism and allow better absorption of nutrients which will kick start to your metabolic rate. A typical Western diet, one of which we’ve all been accustom to, one of which is high in refined carbohydrates and processed foods, will create gut inflammation resulting in what’s known as, Leaky gut. Leaky gut is one of the leading causes of cellular inflammation, making it difficult to lose weight, and ultimately sustained weight gain.

This disruption in the gut microbiome allows trace amounts of toxins into the bloodstream forming an attack on the cells. To protect themselves, the cell slows itself down and creates a barrier of inflammation to keep toxic elements out. You feel this in many different ways such as, chronic fatigue, brain fog, slow metabolism, and nutrient deficiencies. In extreme cases, a prolonged leaky gut can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chron’s disease.

By working with Essentials Medispa and Salon’s Nutritionist, you will receive the education and advice necessary to be becoming a happy, healthier person. Our nutritionist is here to educate and guide you into becoming a healthier version of you. She understands weight loss can be an intimidating and challenging task for many and is dedicated to delivering personalized care to each one of her clients by providing a non-judgmental and caring service.

Weight loss and wellness, a race not a marathon

Our amazing Nutritionist, Samantha, is dedicated to delivering personalized care to every one of her clients by providing a non-judgmental and caring service. She understands weight loss can be an intimidating and challenging task for many. Samantha is here to educate and guide you into becoming a healthier version of yourself. Whether you want to lose a significant amount of weight, fit back into your favorite dress, or snap back into shape. She has a solution to help transform yourself. 

Deciding to lose weight is not just about starting a diet; it’s about choosing to embark onwards to a healthy lifestyle. While many of us focus on the physical changes during the time we lose weight, we are also making an impact on our physiology. We change not only the way we manage our weight; we also reduce our risk of developing (or even resolving) illness and disease at the same time.

At Essentials Medispa and Salon, our Nutritionist will assist you through your weight loss progression. Samantha specializes in an alternative approach to weight loss by targeting visceral fat “belly fat.” This dense and highly toxic type of fat causes the release of inflammatory proteins and hormones that put you at risk for developing certain diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and increased cholesterol levels. 

Along with reducing belly fat, healing the gut microbiome is essential to promote better absorption of nutrients and increasing metabolism. A poor diet high in carbohydrates, sugar, and processed foods, like the Western Diet we’ve become accustomed to, will cause the leaky gut syndrome. The leaky gut syndrome is another leading cause of inflammation throughout our entire body, which can make it difficult to lose weight. This disruption in the gut microbiome allows trace amounts of toxins to get into the bloodstream and attacks our cells. This can cause a decrease in energy, memory, metabolism, and malabsorption of nutrients. In extreme cases, an unhealed leaky gut can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chron’s disease. 

By working with Essentials Medispa and Salon’s Nutritionist, you will receive the education and guidance necessary to become a happy and healthier person. Samantha will develop and devise a personalized weight loss and wellness plan to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Essentials Medispa and Salon offer additional tools to help promote weight loss. 

Appetite Suppressant – Clinically proven to reduce weight, it decreases your appetite by increasing your metabolism. Therefore it’s easier to choose healthier foods and control portion size.

Lipotropic Injections – Lipotropic injections contain nutrients that contain fat-burning compounds, amino acids, and vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin. This injection aids in increasing your metabolism, reducing appetite, increasing energy, and helping your body to burn fat.

B12 Injections – B12 is an essential vitamin, improving mood, energy, and cognitive function. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by promoting an increased red blood cell count. 

Additional weight loss can be supported by BHRT, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are the basis for all system regulations in our bodies. As we age, hormones start to decline, wreaking havoc on our body’s natural messaging system. A decline in hormones for both men and women start as early as age 30. Symptoms in women are experiencing energy loss, hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain, and low libido (sex drive). Hormones also affect men who want to lose weight, lost libido, fatigue, stress, energy, muscle mass, and body fat.

BHRT will bring hormones back into balance and improve overall wellness, sense of wellbeing, and increase metabolism. The difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones is unmatched. While synthetic hormones can mimic the effects of endogenous hormones on specific biological pathways, they rarely offer the same effectiveness at a more in-depth, molecular level. Bioidentical hormones mimic the similarity of human endogenous hormones; therefore, they are more effective in a wider variety of biological pathways. The added benefit of bioidentical hormones is that each dose is tailored specifically to your needs, not merely what doses the pharmaceutical company offers. 

At Essentials Medispa and Salon, we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). If you have any of these symptoms, you can feel better. Our physician is board-certified in anti-aging and bioidentical hormone replacement and will tailor a prescription based on your specific needs.

Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil

The cannabis plant has been around for centuries. All around the world, societies consume cannabis, and their reasoning is mostly the same: it makes them feel better. Humans have cannabinoid receptors housed inside the body that bind with cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant to provide therapeutic benefits for a variety of ailments. Medical Marijuana may be the solution to coping with chronic and debilitating conditions through what is considered “compassionate care.”

Many individuals are seeking to learn more about medical marijuana to determine if it is the right choice for themselves or a loved one. There is a variety of medical marijuana pharmaceuticals that treat several conditions from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain to cancer and terminal illness. Based on the medical expertise of Dr. Lesser and his exclusive training, he can prescribe a medical marijuana strength and route that is unique to each patient. 

At Essentials Medispa and Salon, it is our mission to educate and empower our patients to our highest ability, so that each person can make the best decision for themselves and their future. 

IV Drip Therapy

IV Therapy in Melbourne, FL

Here at Essentials Medispa and Salon, we offer customized IV drop therapy, designed to optimize your health and wellness. Our IV nutrient therapy has helped a range of patients with concerns from asthma to immune disorders to heavy metal toxicity and cancer.

IV Nutrient Therapy is the fastest, most effective way to optimize your vitamin, nutrient, and mineral levels to replenish your health and revitalize your entire body rapidly. IV nutrient therapy offers a new path to treatment for many patients, whether they have difficulty with oral dosing or suffer from malabsorption of vitamins and minerals. Or they need a quick and large dose of vitamins and nutrients to boost immunity and increase levels of energy. IV nutrient therapy offers improved absorption and bioavailability by increasing nutrient absorption rates from 18% (when taken orally) to 100% (when taken intravenously). This type of treatment has been shown to improve the quality of life and elevate most symptoms in patients struggling with inflammatory responses to allergies, food intolerances, gastric bypass, and gastritis. 

Choosing Massage Therapy for Self-Care

Daily we hear all the buzz about “self-care” and the importance of health and wellness, but what about massage therapy? The constant scroll on social media viewing the hottest fitness trends, green drinks, and beauty treatments with the promise of a better you. We are inundated with tips and tricks on how to be well. How is that going for you? Are you taking the time to incorporate self-care activities into your routine?

Perhaps it is time to consider massage therapy.

What was once considered a luxury experience by many is now accepted as a basic need for wellbeing. More people are choosing to add it to their monthly maintenance health plan as research proves the positive impact. According to experts at the Mayo clinic “massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.”

Massage helps to loosen the muscles allowing increased blood flow, improvement of circulation and lymphatic system, as well as improve sleep, decrease pain, and increased flexibility, to name a few. When pressure is applied to the body, the skin’s nerve cells signal the brain to release endorphins, our “feel-good happy” chemicals that boost a natural high and positive mindset.

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for:

  • reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • minimizing fatigue
  • improving flexibility
  • releasing toxins
  • improved circulation
  • rebuilding immunities
  • decreasing inflammation
  • alleviating symptoms of chronic pain

Here are a couple of examples of massage therapy treatments and benefits:

Essentials Fusion Experience

Experienced as one of the world’s best massage techniques. Essential Fusion serves as a detox using herbal infused poultices and select Thai stretches. It provides relaxation with the warmth of heated stones and the rocking and rolling of Lomi Lomi techniques. Then hydrate with a warm cocooning wrap while receiving a scalp massage with Shirodhara oils.


An Ayurvedic treatment to balance and stabilize the mind and induce extreme relaxation. A soothing, steady stream of warmed herbal-infused oil is poured over the forehead and sixth chakra. This purifying treatment melts tension and calms the nervous system.

Want to learn more? 

At Essentials Medispa & Salon, in our state-of-the-art facility, we have licensed massage therapists that are well-trained, specialized, and experienced in a wide assortment of massage services. With contemporary and ancient techniques, from prenatal massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue, athletic rubs, to couple’s massage, we have something for everyone.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of massage, engage in your self-care journey, or simply want to indulge in a luxuriating and relaxing experience, consider a massage treatment at Essentials Medispa & Salon.

“We don’t fix a flat or line chase”

It happens to everyone…loss of facial fat pads in middle age. “I hear it all the time,” says Brian Whaley, ARNP-BC and Director of Rejuvenation at Essentials Medispa & Salon. Our patients “suddenly” notice that the firmness and lift in their faces have greatly diminished. It is normal in middle age for facial fat to decrease, which in turn has a hollowing and sagging effect. Indicators that most people notice are the deepening of the nasolabial folds and deepening of the tear troughs. These are both caused by a shrinking of the malar fat pads that lie just below the orbital bones of the eye. These are often called the apples of the cheek. Decreasing fullness here has a distinct elderly appearance and will continue unless corrected. “Filling in lines” is ineffective and amateurish – instead, an expert professional will treat the cause, not symptoms.

One may not be surprised at the treatments patients have undergone to address this problem, especially in this day and age. For some reason, providers are still injecting into the nasolabial folds. Whaley states, “This is a poor treatment choice that wastes money and does not improve the underlying problem of volume loss. The first thing I have taught my students is that A LINE IS A SYMPTOM, NOT A CAUSE. Fillers belong below the skin, not in the skin. The nasolabial fold is the medial margin of the flap over our oral cavities. This flap hangs under our eye which can cause tear troughs and flatten over the cheekbone, which can cause drooping of the corners of the mouth and marionette lines and the lowest tip of the flap is the jowl. The skin is a highly multifunctional organ system which renews every 60 to 90 days. Products injected into the skin are rapidly eliminated and also add weight, therefore dragging the skin downward even further. It is a mediocre cover-up and adds nothing to the improvement of contour. The line filling technique is antiquated and average; it is like using caulk in the bathtub!

Facial fillers that are properly injected deeply, just above the periosteum, replaces lost volume and adds the beautiful contours of youth. It can last up to two years, depending on the quality of the product. It is safer, more beautiful and less expensive than any “caulking approach” to a contour issue. Artistically placed filler, safely and meticulously performed, can bring back years of contour and make you appear younger, more attractive, and boost self-confidence! Interested or want to hear more? Schedule a free consult with Brian Whaley, ARNP-BC. You can age gracefully and modernly, subtle yet dramatic. Making Faces for 20 years.

What is Leptin resistance?

Leptin resistance may be a leading cause of weight gain and a primary reason why we have difficulty losing weight.

Leptin is a type of hormone produced by our bodies fat cells. This hormone works with the hypothalamus in our brain to tell us when we’ve had enough to eat to allow our bodies to burn excess calories. The more fat we carry inside our cells, the more leptin they produce which signals your brain to eat less. When our fat cells produce lower levels of leptin, our brain signals us to eat more. It is a type of negative feedback loop system similar to how we breathe, regulate blood pressure, and regulate body temperature.

Naturally, people who are overweight and obese have a lot of body fat stored in their cells. Their levels of leptin hormone are very high. It would make sense that an individual who has excess body fat would limit their food intake because they have plenty of excess calories stored. In this case, leptin signaling (through the negative feedback loop) may not be working. The brain sometimes will not recognize high levels of leptin. This is a condition known as leptin resistance. When your brain doesn’t receive the signals given by leptins your body responds oppositely. Your body is telling you to go into “starvation mode” therefore you start to eat more, and your energy level decreases. This leads to reduced calorie expenditure. Some causes of leptin resistance are obesity, chronic inflammation, poor diet, lack of exercise, or lack of sleep.

If you’re concerned you have leptin resistance, here at Essentials Medispa and Salon, our nutritionist can help you focus on an overall healthy lifestyle to reverse diet-induced leptin resistance. Essentials Medispa and Salon offers nutrition visits in conjunction with (BHRT) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, our Lypoburn weight loss program, or an overall Wellness plan.

How important is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for the production of red blood cells, nerves, DNA, and weight loss. Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in cellular health by aiding in the formation of new red blood cells called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin can then help transport oxygen from your lungs to your muscles and vital organs such as your brain and lungs. Another essential role of vitamin B12 is the metabolism of macronutrients and micronutrients. It is a coenzyme needed for the metabolism and absorption of these nutrients which are required to carry out cellular functions.

Vitamin B12 is not manufactured by our bodies, but it can be found in foods like meat, eggs, poultry, dairy products, and fortified grains. If we aren’t eating these types of foods regularly, we are unable to reach our daily recommended dosage. Certain conditions may interfere with the absorption of B12, specifically digestive diseases such as celiac or Crohn’s disease.

The most common side effects of vitamin B12 deficiency are weight gain, lack of energy, and feeling weak or fatigued. Vitamin B12 deficiency also has an impact on our nervous system as well. Long term vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause confusion, memory loss, feelings of depression, and numbness or tingling in the hands and feet. Research shows that long term deficiencies of vitamin B12 can also lead to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, anemia, infertility, and other unwanted conditions.

It’s always important to supplement B12 from outside sources such as over the counter supplements or injections. Recommended daily allowances of Vitamin B12 range from 25mcg up to 1,000 mcg for more severe deficiencies.

Here at Essentials Medispa and Salon with offer Vitamin B12 injections as single service, add-on to any service, or purchased as a package of five.