Weight Loss Testimonial

Testimonial for Essentials Weight Loss Program: Over the last 6 years I have struggled immensely with my weight. For a guy who was always fit, competed in sports, and never had to worry about his apprearance, these 6 years have been extremely difficult. I worked hard on my own to try and get myself back…
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Sweet Potato Chicken Salad Recipe

Sweet Potato Chicken Salad     Many of you have asked me for this recipe so I finally wrote it down! Those of you who know me know that when I love something I become a bit obsessed and continuously talk about it with my family, friends and anyone who will listen. That is exactly…
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New Treatment for Rosacea all in one tube!

      New treatment cream, Rozatrol™ Normalizing Serum From Dr. Zein Obagi, a daily treatment serum for red, sensitized skin which works to normalize skin by reducing excess oil, which can lead to inflammation. An enzymatic exfoliator provides ultra-mild exfoliation, while amino acids support optimal microcirculation to prevent the signs of premature aging. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Lactose, milk…
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