Having trouble sleeping? Here’s a few tips to catch some zzz’s

First, let us say, you are not alone! An estimated 60 million other people are staring at their ceilings at 3 am. Some may look into medications to assist in sleep while others will look into some type of homeopathic treatment. To help guide you, it's important to understand that not getting enough sleep can…
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Beautiful Skin Achieved

              Beautiful Skin Achieved, Viera FL Let's face it, you have a lot of choices when it comes to beautiful skin, from spas, salons, dermatology and plastic surgeons offices and other medispas. At Essentials Medispa we offer cutting edge, 5-star rated facial services in a warm and beautiful environment.…
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Weight Loss Testimonial

Testimonial for Essentials Weight Loss Program: Over the last 6 years I have struggled immensely with my weight. For a guy who was always fit, competed in sports, and never had to worry about his apprearance, these 6 years have been extremely difficult. I worked hard on my own to try and get myself back…
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