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Beautiful Skin Achieved, Viera FL

Let’s face it, you have a lot of choices when it comes to beautiful skin, from spas, salons, dermatology and plastic surgeons offices and other medispas. At Essentials Medispa we offer cutting edge, 5-star rated facial services in a warm and beautiful environment. Here are four reasons you should consider Essentials Medispa when it comes to Beautiful Skin Achieved.

Beautiful Skin Achieved #1 – Ensure Staff are indeed, EXPERTS!

Our warm and friendly staff invite you to tour our beautiful establishment, enjoy a cup of tea and discuss your treatment options. Not only are our medical estheticians seasoned and professionally trained, they work in tandem with our medical team, Brian Benson, PA-C/MPH, Master Injector, Rejuvenation Director and Michael Lesser, MD., FACC, FSCCT, FAARM, Medical Director, who is Melbourne’s only physician board certified in 4 areas, one being Anti-Aging and (BHRT) Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. He is also the only physician in Brevard County to train personally, with Dr. Zein Obagi, world renown dermatologist, becoming an Obagi Certified Skin Health Specialist.

Beautiful Skin Achieved #2 – Location and environment

If you are going to spend the money to care for your skin, you might as well do it in a warm, friendly and beautiful environment. We invite you to slip on a comfortable robe and spa slippers, enjoy the steam or sauna, sit and meditate in our spa relaxation room and enjoy a warm cup of tea. For us, it’s about the complete experience. Not only will you have beautiful skin achieved, but you will do so surrounded by warmth, beauty, and comfort.

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Health and Wellness Center in Melbourne, FL

Beautiful Skin Achieved #3 – Quality equipment and products

Too often we hear about facilities using cheaply made, inferior equipment and products they find from vendors on websites from China where knock-off equipment such as microneedling devices and partially opened and unsanitized microneedling tips, dermaplaning, ‘lasers’ and skin care products are frequently sold. Unfortunately, many consumers are paying high prices for services using such equipment. At Essentials Medispa, we pride ourselves on using only the highest rated skin care lines, equipment, and brands held with the highest regard in the skin care industry. To continue such a high quality of care for our clients, before any service is added to our skin care menu, it is researched and clinical studies scrutinized by our Medical Director, Dr. Lesser. In his words, “I will never be a snake-oil salesman” and to that, he stands true.

Beautiful Skin Achieved #4 – Client reviews

Whenever you are wondering how well a facility is doing, just check the reviews. There are many outlets for reviews, from several social media sites which we encourage you to review. We have been practicing for over 17 years and invite you to read our reviews here.